Office Processes

Increase the reliability and sustainability of office transactions via the transformation of the business process that increases departmental capability.

The demands on business professionals in today’s marketplace are high. "Doing more with less" is now the norm, not the extreme. . "Doing the right thing, at the right time" is essential. New services, policies, and compliance requirements are further taxing departments’ capabilities to perform. The issues facing many business leaders include the incorporation of new these services/requirements, while satisfying current departmental demands, with the current resources. Under today’s business conditions, head counts are frozen; at best. Compounding the issue is that many departments are sharing resources; due to the overall shorthanded-ness of staff. These people are already working "hard"; however, they need to work "smart".

The answer is to transform the existing business development processes while leveraging the resources currently in place. The full capability of the existing team can be realized through the development and implementation of robust, business processes that focus transaction flow. Six Sigma methodologies are widely proven to improve manufacturing operations by establishing effective workflow/capability without the proportional increase in resources. What is not widely recognized is that these same principles can be applied to the office organization. By properly ordering task flow, deliverables can be completed when optimal to do so. “Doing the right thing, at the right time” minimizes the chance of rework and reduces process lead-time. This translates into more tasks getting done in a given time frame; see examples below.

TransR Office Processes

Through this deployment of LEAN, Design For Six Sigma (DFSS), and other methodologies, the office group can be transformed to leverage its resources to deliver more transactions, in shorter time; with no increase in head count. What was once a fragmented collection of players, is now a high performing team that delivers world-class capability – "doing much more, with the same, reliably".

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Foundation Solutions are focused upon Business Process Transformation of key processes throughout the enterprise, and Secure Collaboration supporting your enterprise's interaction with suppliers, partners and customers. For all the processes below, a PLM system should be evaluated as a potential framework to institutionalize those processes.

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