Enterprise Responsive Web Design

TransR Corporation Enterprise Responsive Web Design.

Some may ask, “What is Responsive Web Design and how can it help my Enterprise Business Process?” Well, Responsive Web Design involves the development of - or re-development of - web applications, of any size, that render different user interfaces to the end user, based on the device they are currently using (i.e. desktop computers, tablets and smart phones.) The more consumer friendly term often used to describe Responsive Web Design is  "Mobile Friendly".

There are several different methods and technologies used to create user experiences for smart phones, tablets and desktop computers. Responsive Web Design is one of the primary methods of taking existing enterprise web products (i.e. a web based PLM product) and converting it into one-to-many mobile friendly experiences. There are several different web technologies used to do this, ranging from CSS media queries to complex HTML5, jQuery, Bootstrap, and several other JavaScript based libraries.

There is also Hybrid Mobile Web Application Development, where you can use tools such as Phone Gap or jQuery Mobile to not only convert web applications to be mobile friendly interfaces, but you can also leverage features of the mobile device itself, by calling APIs of the given device to do specialty functions. For example, if you are viewing the TransR Corporation Web Application (the UI you are viewing now), you will notice that you can access our menus using your device's operating system.

Then there is of course Native Mobile Application development, which involves creating stand alone mobile apps that target mobile devices in specific, leveraging the full libraries of a device (i.e. your iPhone, Android or Galaxy phone's operating system specifically).

So, aside from the Software Engineering and Web Application Development services TransR incorporates into our day-to-day Business Process Transformation and Secure Collaboration consulting services, we also develop custom responsive experiences for enterprise desktop applications, tablets and smart phones. In fact, no matter what device you are viewing this web application with, it will morph into views that best fits your device. TransR takes these same engineering strategies and applies them to virtually any enterprise web-based application you have in your business workflow process! TransR also aids PLM Product Vendors in the re-outfitting of their PLM products with Enterprise Responsive Web Design.

And that's just it. For the past few years now, you may have heard your PLM Product Vendor tell you, "We will be exploring that tablet version of the UI for the manufacturing floor real soon." Or, "Our PLM product will soon support smart phones!" Well, TransR Corporation is in the business of doing! Our developers have years of experience in Enterprise Responsive Web Design and Mobile Application Development!

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