Business Process Transformation

The core of any business revolves around people, process and product. In essence, processes whether implicit or explicit are what people use in order to create the company’s product. Implicit processes live within the minds of the staff who "know how to get things done". This often results in islands of excellence based on personalities of the staff where staff turn-over often becomes a highly disruptive event. As part of the effort to effect the global transformation of your company, TransR™ will provide process optimization services for your product development and introduction operations. This includes internal and supply chain processes. To be competitive in today's global economy, product development and introduction processes must be cleansed of inefficiencies, bottlenecks and non-value added process steps. More importantly, the supply chain must be optimized. In response, many companies are already designing a stage-gate New Product Introduction (NPI) process to eliminate the variance in developing and bringing to market new products within their own company. Compliance to the process over a distributed supply chain becomes quite a challenge raising the importance of project governance.

Business Process Transformation forces the explicit definition of a company’s processes, and then within the context of the company’s strategy and tactics evolves those processes to facilitate the achievement of the company’s goals-current, and more importantly, future. No doubt, explicitly defining a company’s processes is a daunting task. Evolving those processes requires creative and diverse approaches to today’s product problems – concept through delivery and even sustainment-- in a manner that will result in a measurably more efficient, competitive product production engine.

Business process modeling (BPM) is at the core of any serious business transformation effort. TransR™ will identify and analyze all major product processes and sub-processes in order to recommend either operational improvements or re-engineering. Operational improvements are activity level modifications yielding higher operational efficiency. Re-engineering embodies major structural changes and redesign.

TransR helps businesses at every maturity level of their business process transformation. We’ve found that most organizations possess the talent and insight to identify the problem areas in their processes and products. TransR’s Concept Formation framework provides the structure to prioritize and efficiently execute, and ultimately attain the solution. You are not alone!

TransR provides critical business process architects and change agents who provide the drive, vision, and cross-functional knowledge to lead the transformation of your enterprise. Our consultants utilize advanced methods, skills, and technologies to help organizations improve their overall effectiveness and performance. Once the business vision, strategy and tactics are methodically clarified, TransR implements solutions, custom and COTS, to institutionalize, reinforce, and enable the processes that support the vision. TransR emphasizes and implements solutions to organize, and increase the accuracy, consistency and completeness of product information. Lastly, TransR creates custom solutions, where COTS solutions fail, to enable mobile friendly and secure web and cloud applications.

TransR directly possesses the relevant capabilities for methodical transformation:

  • Six Sigma Black Belt (certified) skills and experience
  • Process Analysis skills and experience
  • Process Re-engineering skills and experience
  • Process Transformation skills and experience
  • Process Implementation skills and experience
  • Process Training skills and experience
  • Process Sustainment skills and experience
  • Continuous Improvement skills and experience
  • Mechanical Engineering skills and experience
  • Software Engineering skills and experience
  • Program Management skills and experience

As a final note, there is a special case of business process transformation, where the domain is complex, the goal is clear, the parameters readily available and measurable, and there is some latitude on varying the problem constraints; here, optimization, in the high math sense, is feasible. Certain manufacturing and engineering product and process problems match this condition. For that we offer a service called POSitive impact (SM)-- Process Optimization Services.

Foundation Solutions

The core pillars of Foundation Solutions are Business Process Transformation and Secure Collaboration...

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