Press Release Updates:

PRESS RELEASE: Jan 1, 2014. Effective Jan. 1, 2014, Life Cycle Solutions, Inc. will perform PLM implementation services exclusively for TransR Corporation.

PRESS RELEASE: Jan 1, 2015. Effective Jan. 1, 2015, TransR Corporation purchases assets of Life Cycle Solutions, Inc., including but not limited to, client contracts, logos, trademarks and other branding items, copyrighted software, methodologies and courseware.

Life Cycle Solutions (LCS), Masters of the Product Process Equation™, was founded in 1992 a few years prior to the PDM industry transitioning from merely a document and engineering data management industry, to the PLM industry, fulfilling the needs of many of the cross functional disciples in the entire product life cycle. LCS knew then what everyone else was just grasping. We knew that by capturing, managing and distributing product knowledge electronically, and by implementing documented, measurable and repeatable processes, companies could achieve and sustain a significant competitive advantage.

At that time, much of our client engagement involved the customization and implementation of PDM/PLM products. As we and the rest of the world matured on the concept of PLM, it became apparent that when managing product related information, the best solutions are a blend of process improvement and technology implementation. For over 2 decades, LCS helped clients succeed at both.

It is by having the correct data available and the business processes under control that the competitive advantage is achieved and sustained. LCS engaged in strategic initiatives at some of the world’s best-known companies requiring our utmost confidentiality and respect for proprietary information and activity. Our professionals were passionate and committed to applying what we knew to improve our client company’s ability to produce higher quality products more quickly and economically than ever before. We did not just help our clients get more products to market faster; we helped institutionalize processes to get the right products to market optimally.

LCS was known throughout the world as an independent, PLM solution provider that induced strategic business gains for its customers through:

  • Business process transformation,
  • Secure collaboration between business partners, and
  • Development of business plans with solid risk mitigation to execute on their strategy.

The impact and success of LCS’ business transformation engagements cascaded into a business model shift. Clients engaged LCS to perform strategic transformations more than PLM implementations themselves. As a result, Mark J. Silvestri, the CEO and one of the original co-founders of LCS, founded TransR Corporation in 2011. The new business model centers on targeted business process transformation deploying the caliber of resources to effectively help our clients achieve the transformation.

  • “TransR provides critical business process architects and change agents who deliver the drive, vision, and cross-functional knowledge to lead the transformation of your enterprise. Our consultants utilize advanced methods, skills, and technologies to help organizations improve their overall effectiveness and performance. Once the business vision, strategy and tactics are methodically clarified, TransR implements solutions, custom and COTS, to institutionalize, reinforce, and enable the processes that support the vision. TransR emphasizes and implements solutions to organize, and increase the accuracy, consistency and completeness of product information. Lastly, TransR creates custom solutions, where COTS solutions fail, to enable mobile friendly and secure web and cloud applications.”

LCS as a company may have stopped accepting new business, and the LCS site may be retired; but, the goals and principles live on through TransR Corporation – Targeted Transformation. Achieved!